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Mobile Radio Supplier:what is mobile radio


       A mobile radio communication system is typically composed of a base station and a plurality of mobile stations. The brief communication process is: When the speaker speaks to the microphone on the abutment, the base station turns the speaker's voice into the electrical signal through the microphone and the converter, and then transmits it through the transmitter. The receiver of the vehicle mobile station receives the power Signal, the converter, the speaker into the original sound waves, so the listener to hear the voice of the speaker. Mobile radio communication using a very broad band, there are long wave, long wave, medium wave, shortwave, ultrashort wave and microwave.
      Mobile radio communication is a communication between a radiocommunication device equipped on a mobile vehicle (vehicle, train, ship, aircraft) and a fixed (or mobile) radio station. Mobile radio communications include terrestrial mobile communications, maritime mobile communications, airborne mobile communications, and public mobile communications.

      Mobile radio can carry out a wide range of business content, it can send telegraph, telephone, fax, send data and send images. According to the use of the transmission signal system, there are analog mobile communications and digital mobile communications.

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