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Handheld radio is different from walkie-talkie


      Many people do not know the difference between handheld radio and walkie-talkie, today Xiaobian give you about the difference between the two.
      1, walkie-talkie is the power of smaller communications equipment, the general civilian more. Because it does not have the secret function, easily subject to external interference, resulting in communication difficulties, so the troops are also used in less. And its communication distance relative to the radio, the required distance is relatively close, only some short-range communication.
      2, the biggest advantage of handheld radio, is that it is not only relatively far from the call distance, and because it is the use of radio shortwave frequency hopping technology, it is not susceptible to external interference. At the same time its power can be based on the length of the distance between the implementation of the task, to adjust, so that it can always maintain a good working condition.

      In general, the two have their own advantages, mainly depends on their different purposes.

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