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What are the procedures for installing a car radio


    Car radio is a kind of amateur radio station, is installed in the car on the radio, usually both the receiving and transmitting functions, can be used to contact other people without conventional communication tools.
Those who use the car radio station should first obtain the "People's Republic of China amateur radio operating certificate", and apply for joining the Chinese radio
    Sports associations can only use car radio. The specific process is as follows:
    1.to join the China Radio Sports Association;
    2.to participate in the relevant laws and regulations or basic knowledge of the training or self-study;
    3.to apply for participation in the "amateur radio operating certificate" assessment;
    4.after the assessment, by the China Radio Sports Association on behalf of the State Sports General Administration issued a "amateur radio operating certificate" and fill in "set Taiwan application form ";
    5.by the China Radio Association to review the application form and the relevant information, in the "audit" column stamped, and pre-assigned station call sign;
    6.to purchase radio equipment in line with national standards;
    7.to the local radio regulatory agencies to submit "Taiwan application form", and radio equipment to the local radio detection agencies to detect;
    8.issued by the local radio regulatory agencies set up after the "radio license."

    Only after completing all of the above procedures, the car radio station can legally carry out the launch operation.

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