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The advantages of digital walkie talkie


      Radio intercom in the design of technology, can be divided into analog communication technology analog walkie-talkie (that is, our common traditional walkie-talkie) and the use of digital technology to design digital walkie-talkie. Analog walkie-talkie is the modulation of the signal modulation to the radio frequency, and digital walkie-talkie is the voice of digital information, in the form of digital coding, that is, the radio transmission frequency on all the modulation for the number. Digital walkie-talkie with voice anti-dry ability, clear voice, high confidentiality, channel bandwidth is narrower, more powerful transmission data and other significant advantages.
      First, the traditional analog walkie-talkie is the voice, signaling, signal to continuous wave modulation to the radio frequency carrier and amplified and other optimized processing of a communication mode, with mature technology, system improvement, the cost is relatively low.
      Second, the digital walkie-talkie is the digital voice signal to a specific digital coding and specific baseband modulation form, and the use of digital signal processor to optimize the data communication mode.
      1, you can make better use of spectrum resources. Similar to cellular digital technology, digital walkie-talkie can load more users on a given channel to improve spectrum utilization, which is a solution to the frequency of crowding.
      2, improve call quality. Because digital communication technology has the system error correction function, compared with the analog walkie-talkie, in a wider range of signal environment, to achieve better voice and audio quality, the received audio noise will be less, the sound is also more Clear.
      Third, improve, improve voice and data integration, change the control signal with the increase in communication distance and reduce the weaknesses. Digital walkie-talkies provide better data processing and interface capabilities compared to voice and data systems with similar integrated simulations, enabling more data applications to be integrated into a two-way wireless communication base station architecture for voice and data services Integration more perfect, more convenient.

      With the development of radio communication technology, the improvement of wireless communication quality requirements and the lack of spectrum resources, digital walkie-talkie will have a huge market demand. At present, the demand for digital walkie-talkies in China is also increasing.

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