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Mobile Radio Supplier:types of radio communication


    According to the difference between frequency and wavelength, radio communication can be divided into long-wave communication, medium wave communication, shortwave communication, ultrashort wave communication and microwave communication.
    Long wave communication (3kHz~30kHz). Long waves mainly spread along the surface of the earth (also known as ground waves), but also in the ground and the formation of the ionosphere between the waveguide, the transmission distance of up to thousands of kilometers or even tens of thousands of kilometers. Long wave can penetrate the sea and soil, so more for the sea, underwater, underground communications and navigation business.
    Medium wave communication (30kHz~3MHz). Zhongbo mainly rely on the ground during the day and the night can be transmitted by the ionospheric reflection. China-wave communications are mainly used for broadcasting and navigation services. Shortwave communication (3MHz~30MHz).
    Shortwave mainly by the ionospheric launch of the sky wave propagation, can be ionospheric one or several reflections, the transmission distance of up to thousands of kilometers or even tens of thousands of kilometers. Shortwave communication is suitable for emergency, disaster prevention and remote communication.
    Ultrashort wave communication (30MHz~300MHz).Ultrashort wave on the ionosphere penetration, mainly in the linear line of sight transmission, than the shortwave wave propagation mode of high stability, by the seasonal and day and night changes in the small. As the frequency band is wide,ultra-shortwave communication is widely used in transmission of television, FM radio, radar, navigation, mobile communications and other services.

    Microwave communication (300MHz~300GHz).Microwave is mainly based on linear line of sight, but by the terrain, features and rain and snow fog. Its propagation performance is stable, the transmission bandwidth is wider, the ground propagation distance is generally tens of kilometers. Can penetrate the ionosphere, the air spread up to tens of thousands of kilometers. Microwave communication is mainly used for trunk or branchline wireless communication, mobile communication and satellite communication.

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