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The role of transceiver and scope of application


      Fiber optic transceivers with the following basic characteristics, while strengthening the multi-level lightning protection measures:
1.Provides ultra low latency data transmission.
2.Fully transparent to the network protocol.
3.Using special ASIC chip to achieve data wire-speed forwarding.
4.Rackmount devices provide hot-swappable features for easy maintenance and uninterrupted upgrades.
5.Network management equipment can provide network diagnostics, upgrades, status reports, abnormal report and control functions, can provide a complete log and alarm log.
6.The device uses 1 + 1 power supply design, support ultra-wide power supply voltage, to achieve power protection and automatic switching.
7.Supports ultra wide operating temperature range.
8.Support complete transmission distance (0 ~ 120 km)
      Essentially the fiber optic transceivers only complete the data conversion between different media, can achieve 0-120Km between the two switches or the connection between the computer, but the actual application to the following more expansion:
1.to achieve the interconnection between switches.
2.to achieve the exchange between the switch and the computer.
3.to achieve the interconnection between computers.
4.transmission relay: When the actual transmission distance exceeds the nominal transmission distance of the transceiver, especially when the actual transmission distance of more than 120Km, in the case of field conditions permit, the use of two transceivers back to back relay or use of light - Optical converter for relaying, is a very cost-effective solution.
5.single multi-mode conversion: When the network needs a single multi-mode fiber connection, you can use a single multi-mode converter to connect, to solve the single multi-mode fiber conversion problem.

6.wavelength division multiplexing transmission: When the long-distance cable resources, in order to improve the utilization of cable, reduce the cost, the transceiver and WDM can be used in conjunction with the two information on the same fiber transmission.

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