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The characteristics of high quality handheld radio


  A good walkie-talkie should have high performance, reliability, functional diversity, man-machine efficiency, can be secondary development.
  1.High performance
  High-performance is that we often talk about the call out clearly, put aside the environmental impact, power, presumably a lot of friends focus. The receiving part of the machine is also extremely important. The machine's receiving sensitivity allows the machine to receive signals better. The quality of the antenna is also extremely important. Reasonable antenna can recover the biggest effect. Voice processing capabilities also greatly affect the performance of the walkie-talkie.
  2. reliability
  As a special communications equipment, reliability is particularly important; whether to adapt to harsh environments and whether the uninterrupted work is also particularly important. This requires the engineer to design a reasonable and corresponding production process. Waterproof, temperature and humidity, collision, high temperature, low temperature, and even explosion are within the scope of the test. As a professional walkie-talkie, large to the fuselage, as small as a button, a body of the internal cable, are professionally designed. In addition, the reliability of the software is also very important.
   3. Functional diversity
  A professional walkie-talkie, its functional abundance beyond imagination. In addition to the mode settings, shortcuts, inverted alarm, GPS location management, professional walkie-talkie can also set the tone and volume, and even the sensitivity and frequency to do a lot of decimal places after the accuracy. To give users the best communication experience.
  4. Human function
  Good walkie-talkie, shell, buttons, materials, software, always starting from the man-machine function, holding comfort, easy to carry. Not only appearance, software and functional operation for the sake of users.
  5. Can be secondary development

  Professional walkie-talkie are generally reserved for secondary development interface, to ensure that the user's secondary development requirements.

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