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How to use fiber optic transceivers


     To know how to use fiber optic transceivers, we must first know what the role of fiber optic transceivers. In simple terms, the role of fiber optic transceivers is the optical signal and electrical signals between the conversion. From the optical port input optical signal, from the electrical port (common RJ45 crystal head interface) output electrical signals, and vice versa. The process is probably: the electrical signal into optical signals, transmitted through the optical fiber, the other end of the optical signal into electrical signals, and then access the router, switches and so on equipment.
    Therefore, fiber optic transceivers are generally used in pairs. For example, operators (telecommunications, mobile, Unicom) inside the room of the fiber optic transceivers (which may be other devices) and your home fiber optic transceivers. If you want to use fiber optic transceivers to set up their own LAN, it must be used in pairs.

    General fiber optic transceivers and general switches, through the power, plug can be used, do not need to do what configuration. Fiber optic plug, RJ45 crystal head plug. But should pay attention to the transceiver of fiber, a received a hair, not on each other for a change.

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