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Handheld Radio Supplier:the characteristics of the walkie talkie


1. Walkie talkie from the network restrictions, the network is not covered to the place, the walkie-talkie can let users communicate;
2. The walkie-talkie is a one-to-one, one-to-many call, which is very important in the case of simple operation, freedom of communication, especially emergency scheduling and collective collaboration.
3. Low call costs.
Application areas:
The walkie-talkies are mainly used in the fields of public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacturing, construction and service. It is used for communication and command and dispatch of group members to improve communication efficiency and improve the ability to deal with emergencies. With the walkie-talkie into the civilian market, people travel, shopping began to use more and more walkie-talkie.

There are also some specific occasions to use the walkie-talkie, such as explosion-proof walkie-talkie, waterproof walkie-talkie, police walkie-talkie and so on. Car station can also be included in the use of radio.

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