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Note on the purchase of digital walkie talkie


      Digital walkie talkie is the use of digital wireless communication technology designed for walkie-talkie. Digital walkie-talkie is the digital voice signal, to the form of digital coding, that is, radio frequency on the transmission of all the modulation are digital. Only the direct use of digital signal processor walkie-talkie is the true sense of the digital walkie-talkie, and the use of digital control signal walkie talkie (such as the cluster system of walkie-talkie) is not part of the digital walkie-talkie.
      Digital walkie talkie has many advantages, the first is to make better use of spectrum resources, similar to cellular digital technology, digital walkie-talkie can be installed on a specified channel such as 25KHZ more users to improve the spectrum utilization, which is a solution to frequency congestion The solution has long-term significance. The second is to improve the quality of voice, because digital communication technology has a system error correction function, and analog walkie-talkie, compared to a wider range of signal environment, to achieve better voice and audio quality, the received audio noise will be more Less, more clear voice. The last point is to improve and improve voice and data integration, change the control signal with the increase in communication distance and reduce the weaknesses, and similar integrated analog voice and data systems, digital walkie talkie can provide better data processing and interface functions, so that More data applications can be integrated into the same bi-directional wireless communication base station structure for voice and data services integration more perfect and more convenient. These three characteristics make digital walkie-talkie become the future trend of the development of walkie-talkie technology.

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