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China car radio power supply installation


      China car radio in the car connected to the power supply can generally be obtained from three ways: battery port, fuse box wiring port, cigarette lighter to take electrical port. China car radio factory manuals are all recommended from the car battery port access to power supply. Today Xiaobian and we introduce the car radio power installation.
      Car battery port access to power supply
      This access to the power supply program as long as the connection is reliable, you can get the maximum power output of the car power system. This method of connecting the power supply, before installation to pay special attention to check whether the car's power system is 12V voltage standard. Large and medium-sized vehicles with 24V and 48V voltage standards may be larger, as well as new listing of new energy models of electric vehicles. When the automotive power system is 24V or 48V, you can take the buck regulator power supply to obtain the 13.8V or 12V DC voltage output for the car radio, or you can find the middle tap with 12V voltage output in the car battery pack. Car radio for power supply. The former increase the antihypertensive power supply to increase the loss of power consumption wasted energy, and increase the possibility of failure; the latter only take part of the whole car battery use, if the radio station and the use of frequent radio may cause the car The battery pack is uneven and affects the service life.
     Disadvantages of connecting the radio from the battery to the radio

     The installation of the wire, the wiring problems; in the engine hood in the careless, there is a big security risk; car radio power supply from the car door control, there is forgot to disconnect the car radio power caused by excessive battery discharge Danger.

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