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CB Radio Manufacturer:the walkie-talkie can not be sure how far


     That is because in the wireless communications professional, there is no 'distance' this technical parameters, because it can affect the wireless signal can spread the long distance factor is too much. Commonly used radio walkie-talkie generally use 130-170; 403-470 two bands, the two bands are also national law to allow individuals or units to use the band range.
      Under normal circumstances, the two waves are linear transmission, the sea is the radio on the planet ideal call environment, generally do not have obstacles and very little interference, but in fact, in the sea hand-held walkie-talkie can only pass 20 nautical miles or so, it is because the earth is round, too far away from the middle will be blocked by the sea. (So the antenna installed higher, the call distance will be farther)

      Often used in the city, the obstacle is the most influential factor in the signal propagation distance. Power to 5W walkie-talkie in the city's actual call distance is generally only in the range of 2 to 5 km.

      In the high ground, more buildings or more sealed room, the call distance will be shorter. However, when the system base station support, the radio range of up to ten kilometers or even tens of kilometers, (if the two radio are high, you can reach more than ten kilometers).
      At the same time VHF and UHF due to the different characteristics of the band, the call effect is not the same, UHF frequency higher penetration is better, less than the VHF diffraction, it is more suitable for urban use, the contrary, because VHF frequency is low, Better, less penetrating and more suitable for plain areas.
      The market sales of 0.5W walkie-talkie, the factory nominal maximum call distance is 3 km, in fact, the call distance is only a theoretical calculation of data, it is based on the transmission power, that is, 0.5W walkie-talkie in the absence of obstacles, There is no maximum interference distance in the case of electromagnetic interference.

      In actual use, because the user's environment is different, the background noise is very small, electromagnetic interference is strong and weak, so the actual call distance is generally less than 3 km. Many new HAM in the purchase of walkie-talkie is often mistaken for the use of the city, the call distance can reach 3 km, which is unlikely! Any manufacturer can not predict the user's use of the environment, of course, it is impossible to give the actual call distance.

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