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Precautions for installation of the vehicle radio


1, whether different cars to install a different vehicle radio? How much of the table is installed with the car's battery and generator charging, current related?

Any car can be installed on any sign of the car, as long as the vehicle calibration and use of the voltage and the motor generator voltage can be the same. For example, the current common station is mostly 13.8V DC, can be loaded in the 12V power supply system to use the car (the general car are), but some large truck power supply voltage is 24V, can not be used directly Of the radio, a dedicated 24V radio station available. Alternatively, you need to use a DC-DC converter to obtain a 12V voltage supply for an ordinary platform.

2, is all the cars are suitable for the installation of car?

Basically all the cars can be installed on the car.

Restricted mainly is the power cord is easy to wear from the engine compartment to the cockpit, whether the cockpit has the right place to place the car, put the hand wheat. And whether the antenna feeder is easy to pass the door to the outside of the car.

3, the installation of the car to pay attention to what will not affect the quality of the car, speed and safety?

Basically the car on the car itself, there is no impact.

The impact on driving is similar to the impact of answering the phone on the driving, but due to the use of hand MIC, in case of emergency may cause the car to deal with the busy, in short, or to be careful driving, safety first.

4, the installation of the car car how to maintain it? Does the vehicle need maintenance? What do you need to pay attention to in maintenance and repair?

Due to more power consumption, it is recommended that a lot of attention to the battery on the indicator can, and do not have too much care.

In addition, because the direct lead from the battery to the car power supply, this line to use high temperature wire, the best use of a special flame retardant wire, although more expensive, but because it is installed on the car, the safety factor Higher than the original car is also should be. Wire cross-sectional area should be more than 4 square millimeters to prevent the wire itself heat.

Through the cockpit wall where the use of rubber plugs to isolate the wire and body, pay attention to observation, the wire may be in contact with the body where the skin do not have to wear, or cause the short circuit is not good.

Car stand normal use when no maintenance, place the location of attention to heat can be.

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