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Mobile Radio factory

Model: AT-D598


This is traditional solution, support DMR or dPMR 6.25K with different software.

Big LDC display, support DMR/DPMR/Analog, maximum power 70W and automatic identification of analog and digital modes.

• True-2-slot: Provide 2-slot communication which allows for 2 talk paths on 1 frequency; Comply with MOTOTRBO Tier I&II. (Only for DMR)
• Power: 70W (VHF) /25W/10W; 60W (UHF) /25W/10W
• Auto-senses digital or analog
• 1000 channels + VFO; Contact list
• Bandwidth: 12.5K/25K (Analog); 12.5K (DMR); 6.25K (dPMR)
• Fixed and defined CTCSS/DCS encode and decode
• DTMF/2TONE/5TONE encode and decode
• Four different Tone-pluse frequencies.
• Individual/Group/All call
• Icon indicator or Voice prompt when connecting with repeater
• Display the Caller ID and name
• Compander & Scramble function for analog; Enhanced encryption
• SMS via keyboard, One touch call / text
• Zone selection
• ANI function and PTT ID
• GPS, Recording(option); Emergency alarm (with GPS data transmission)

Begintime:2017/5/25 0:00:00
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